Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not Sure What To Write Today.......

I am not sure what to write today.

I made the mistake of making a comment on someone else's blog about something that I had a reaction to. I forwarded the comment to my husband, who then grilled me on it. So I feel absofuckinglutely retarded at the moment.

I thought my response was very cordial, not inflammatory, and certainly did not attack the poster of the article, even though I think the man has ulterior motives for posting what he wrote.

I tried to stay non judgmental. I tried to be Switzerland. Apparently I failed. So I have had a discussion via IM with the hubster about this.

I am not happy and though he apologized, I doubt it was because he actually felt sorry for asking me the questions he wrote. I think it was more of the:
"Oh shit sorry that you now upset at me" variety of apologies.

Yes he reads this blog. No I do not care at the moment that what I am writing he may not like.

I now feel absolutely ridiculous having the opinion I have. Liking the person I like. I feel like because he knows I am a fan, he thinks I think The Man walks on water, has un-stinky poo, and generally is a saint walking the earth. Wrong.


The Man has issues. Serious issues.

However since he is not a close personal friend of mine, though the thought is cool, his issues have not effected me.

I am biased I will grant you that. But I met him. He was nice. He went out of his way to be nice to me when he obviously did not have to be. So I guess I do cut him some slack. So sue me.

I am not happy right now. I must go pout.

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