Friday, June 30, 2006

Why I Love Free Speech!

The previous post stated why I loved free speech, and just to make this perfectly clear, I love free speech.

That being said, feel free to make comments, just try to keep things civil, or at least no death threats, eye gouging, or other bodily threats.

I am not planning to ref the comment section, unless it somehow offends me, which, is pretty much unlikely, because really, I am going to sit back and watch this with my curiosity piqued!

So, I leave it to you adult comment makers. Try not to piss me off, or try to. Whatever, just make sure personal threats, (and by personal, I will assume everyone is smart enough to know what I mean) are not made. General threats are however ok!

Let the fireworks start, after all it is the July 4 weekend!


K said...

I won't be responding to comments by Michael anymore anyway, just feeds his jollies..Have a good weekend and a Happy 4th everyone!

Michael Jr. said...

Jollies! See, hate can be pleasurable! K admits defeat!!! I win! Chalk one up for the good guys, not the church going ding-dongs!! Hooray!! Hooray!!