Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ok, So I Have Not A Clue What To Think About...

An article written about The Man. A very unflattering article at that. Although to be fair the "journalist" who wrote it looks about as credible now as a three dollar bill at a Wal*Mart Super Center shopping spree.

You know I figure The Man is human like you and I. So I figure he is an asshole sometimes. Just like, you and I. I figure sometimes he is nothing but kind and courteous, just like you and I. I figure sometimes, he just wants to be left the fuck alone, just like, you and I.

I would like to think I don't have him on a pedestal, but I know I do to some extent. Part of that would be because I have met him. I did talk to him for a bit. He was very nice and sweet to me. Very kind and he made me feel like I was the only one in the room, when he listened to me blabber on like a total moron. So you know I have respect for that. He was so gracious to me, that yeah I think I do have him on a bit of a pedestal, but you know what, that is ok.

Hell half the time i have my husband upon a shrine of good thoughts. I do that for people I like and care about--which obviously sounds bizarre since I don't really know the man, but still, when you are nice to me, well then I give you a lot more credit then those who are not so nice to me.

The thing that pisses me off, is that the mainstream press will once again run with this, without checking out the "journalist". So we will once again get a big bad wolf story about The Man. Which totally blows. Really fucking blows.


Hey, if you are reading this, Mr. The Man, I still think you rock! Hehehehe(I know that is so fucking retarded, what can I say!)

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