Friday, June 09, 2006

What I Am About To Write Will No Doubt Anger People....

Israeli Massacre

How is it that this can happen, and we are not saying anything about it?

How is it that a country that only exists because countries after WWII decided it should exist, because of the horrendous atrocities a certain religious group endured, can turn around and do this to another group of people, women and children?

As if the world were not fucked up enough already, this happens. I do not condone this at all. I think the person(s) who ordered the missile attacks should be shot. I think the people who allowed these innocent people to gather in a place where it was a very real possibility that something like this would happen, should be shot.

I cannot understand how anyone could condone this type of behavior. Children dead. Mothers dead. Fathers dead. Pieces of bodies in the sand. Blood in the sand. And now the Israeli forces are claiming, after apologizing I might add, that it was not them?


What the fuck?

It sickens me.

Shame on you. Shame on you Ehud Olmert. There is no excuse for the killing of innocents. Ever.

And for those who think this somehow makes me an anti-semite, I would and do say the same thing to the Palestinian assholes who blow themselves up along with innocents. There is no excuse.

Terror is terror is terror.

What a sad day.

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