Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yesterday Was A Blur....

For whatever reason, yesterday was a complete blur. Spenser and I went out in the morning to get some shopping done, and it took longer then I had expected. We did end up getting a kiddie pool, some squirt guns, and some other assorted things. By that time, it was time to get Rob for lunch, so we did. That too went by very quickly. It was like yesterday was on speed.

then after lunch I had planned on going grocery shopping, but Spenser feel asleep--which he only does when he is growing and is therefore exhausted. On top of which I got some transcription work from Rob's company to do. It was supposed to be completed by today if possible.

Well let me tell you, if I stayed up all night, I would have gotten it done. It is like 50 some odd minutes long. Doesn't sound like much does it? Wrong. I am only 25 minutes into it, and I started it yesterday at 2 in the afternoon. I finally stopped last night at 11, because I was so freakin tired, I could not stand myself anymore!

So this morning, after I go to the torturer, I mean orthodontist and have the braces jacked tight again, I will be doing the rest of the transcription. I honestly do not mine, I just never realized how difficult it would be. You have to listen. Stop the cd. Type the words. Start again. Then when everybody talks at once, you have to try to decipher who is saying what, when etc. OMG.

Oh yeah, today is our wedding anniversary! Eight years! I cannot believe I have been married eight years! It literally seems like just yesterday we got married. Although at the same time it seems like we have known each other forever.

Happy Anniversary Rob!
I love you!


K said...

Happy Anniversay, Rob & Robyn!

platonicideal said...

Happy Anniversary. You are the world to me.

robyn said...

Thank you K!

robyn said...

Like wise you are the world to me!

I love you to the moon!