Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Life Is About To Get Crazy!

Well the Tokyo contingent made it in last night! I am so happy that they are here, even though it means life will be sort of wonky for a month or so!

Ok, so I have not seen them in a year, and OMG how they have all changed.

First we have Erika, my beyond gorgeous niece. She is 11 and all legs. And damn near as tall as me--maybe one inch left before she is exactly my height. Do you know how unfair it is that this girl is as tall as me already? Gorgeous beyond all belief? And multi-talented already? Damn, I missed that boat! None the less, I am amazed at the way she carries herself. I swear she looks about 15. Gonna have to put guards on her so she doesn't get harassed by all the boys! I am thinking she is the closest thing to a daughter I will ever have. Cannot get over just how beautiful she is. Mark my words she is going to go far--I would bet money she becomes an actress (she actually already is) like main stream actress/model (again already is). I have the feeling she is going to be a superstah!

Ah Naoki, the boy! He is 10. A brown belt in karate. Cute as all get out. Thankfully shorter then me! He is just so damn cute it hurts. I don't know how one gets to be that cute without hurting someone, but he has! He too is smart as a whip and multi-talented. He reminds me a lot of Jacki Chan--because of his karate skills, and because he is that big of a ham! He will go far as well, though I am not certain what path he will take in life!

Finally my sister in law, Michelle. Tiny as ever (gah!). Looks good--not too thin. Her hair is really dark now, it used to be light brown with blond highlights. It is near black now with cherry undertones. It take a bit to get used to, but it really does suit her. Brings out her marvelous blue eyes. She seemed really happy to see us all, not sure how long that will last! We usually end up getting on each others nerves--strong personalities and all you know!

Wow. I am so happy they are here! I hope to get some pics of them soon. I want to take some now, and then before they go back, because the kids usually shoot up about an inch while here!

Alright I must go clean up and plaster on my, "My life is just peachy" face!



Muir said...

Hey!!! I'm in your side bar thingy! That's so exciting. Thanks. Am I slow and just now noticing?

Hope you have a great visit with you relatives!


robyn said...

Well I thought since you have been leaving comments, which obviously means you read the blog (:D), I would put your blog addy as a link! Hope you don't mind! I did it yesterday!

I plan to have a great visit! Now as long as I can stay away from the food, I will be golden!