Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Apple Variety...

Spenser and I went to Jungle Jim's this morning. He wanted to go to get one of the huge garlic pickles they have. So of course we went and ended up getting a hell of a lot more then a pickle. I decided since we were in a place that carries all different types of fruits and veggies, we would get some fruits. I would have got veggies but we didn't actually get to the veggie section.

We ended up picking out two things of strawberries, since they have a pick your own strawberries section. I was really happy that they had this, because I could pick the strawberries that were deep red, sweet smelling, yet not riddled with soft spots. Spenser picked out some as well, so hopefully that means he will in fact eat them.

Then we went to the apples section, and I noticed a variety I had never seen before, so I got three of them. I figured if I didn't like them, the dog would, because she is weird. They are Sonya apples.

Well I have peeled one (the peel gags me) and let me tell you, it is very yummy! Very sweet--almost candy like it is so sweet with just the faintest bit of tart! These are pretty damn good! Hopefully I can find them at a store closer to my house, because going all the way to Fairfield is not going to happen more then once or twice every couple months.

I also picked up some humongous golden delicious apples, because Spenser claims those to be his most favorite apples, ever.

Browsed through the cheese shop, and yet again thought I would hear a bazookie player, and see a reenactment of the Cheese Shoppe skit from Monty Python. Rob of course claims this makes me a geek. I think it makes me interesting! Anyway, I was hoping they would have the fresh mozzarella on sale like they did the last time we went. They didn't. Boo, hiss. Despite having two people in this house that love all types of cheese, the stinkier the better in most cases, I do not like a wide variety. So nothing really appealed to me, therefore I got Rob and Spenser some triple cream brie--ick, ick, ick! I obviously do not like it. Heh.

Went to the pet section and got kyera a few different treats, including a huge bone thing that listed the size as "ginormous". Of course once I read that, I had to get it, I mean how could I not? I use that word frequently, so it made me laugh out loud. I think people thought I was nuts, which i very well may be, but they don't know that!

After we take Rob back to work, he is home for lunch, we need to run to Costco, take out a loan for gas, get a pineapple, and then go to a place called CooksWares. I have a gift certificate I need to use there. I am hoping they have some cocoa nibs that I can get for Rob!

Well I shall post more later!

Woo hoo!


Muir said...

Hey, Not to sound rude but were the Sonya's expensive? I've seen them in the past for about 1.99/lb. Yikes. I'm assuming J.J.'s wasn't that expensive.

robyn said...

I think they were something like 1.69 a pound. I normally do not pay that much for apples, but for this I was willing to suck it up! Plus I have never seen these anywhere else!

If you get a chance you should buy one and try it--so good!