Thursday, July 27, 2006

Make It Stop.

The pounding.
The hammering.
The loud panging.

The incessant pain coming from my brain pulsating with wave after wave of icky pain.

I have a freakin headache. I hate headaches. I hate them, hate them, hate them. They pretty much ruin my entire day when I get them, which has been on increasing frequency.

I chalk it up to stress, and weather.

Lots of stress. Copious amounts of child induced stress.

On that front we go to the head shrinker tomorrow. My god I am going to ask for horse tranquilizers for the boy, because I may need them to get peace and quiet. (sarcasm people, sarcasm.)

I wouldn't be surprised if the doc prescribes him an antidepressant, because he has had more periods of sadness. I am near positive she will also increase his depakote to help the rage lessen!

Make it stop, please. The pounding. The eye pain. It sucks some major keester.

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