Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity....

Gee, ya think?

Let me just take a wild guess here and suggest that someone who kills all five of their children in one morning, while spouting ramblings from the bible about devils, should probably be considered crazy.

Of course one could also say she was crazy for marrying that schmuck, controlling asshole for a husband, Randy Yates. Furthermore, I honestly believe he should have been brought up on some sort of charges in his children's deaths. Why? Because he consistently knocked her up and left her at home to teach, and care for their children, by herself. Hell I believe he was the one who wanted her to home school the kids, so she didn't even get a break by sending them to school.

And yes I do think the blame should be on him too. He didn't have to do anything for his part in this whole tragic situation. Even though after being warned not have more children because she was going nutters after her fourth, he still knocked her up. What kind of a man does that to his spouse? Clearly he must be insane as well. I do not have a high opinion of the douche bag. He divorced her while she was in jail, and has already remarried. Nice.

That is klassy with a K!

Gah, the news is so depressing.

Anyway here is the link.

Cnn link.

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Muir said...

And he was told NOT to leave her alone with her kids!!! Stupid ass!