Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mmmm, Pizza

Spenser has a friend over right now, so I decided to make pizza. From scratch. The crust, the sauce--obviously I did not make the cheese, nor the pepperoni. I am not that crazy! Spenser had almost 2 pieces--his appetite is backing off currently. His friend had a few bites of his. Who knows.

Because having just one friend over isn't enough, (sarcasm people, sarcasm) Spenser decided to have a few other friends come over.

The only problem I have with this, is that they had to bring over their younger sibling. We specifically told Spenser to tell them that the younger child could not come over, because I end up having to babysit everyone to make sure they are not getting into trouble. Not my idea of a relaxing Sunday at all. I told the kids to take the youngest home, and was told that they were told to bring the younger child over. Not happy with that. I find it presumptuous at best to assume that that would be fine without asking first. It is not that I mind the youngest being here, it is that I end up having to constantly police them, because of said young one, to make sure young one doesn't get hurt. That and not being asked if young one could come over.

They are now outside playing. I have told them no pool right now, as I don't want to be responsible for that, and then had to tell them not to dig in the dirt and make a muddy mess. Of course they will do what ever they wish, no matter that I told them no. Hell, I have already had to holler at them, because they started arguing. Arghhh.

I am feeling restless. Can't really explain that without it becoming a full fledged whine, so I will forgo that. As I am whiny enough already!


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