Saturday, July 08, 2006

Oh Good Lord....

Went swimming this evening. This of course meant I had to put on a swim suit--ick. I have gained too much weight. I felt huge, and whale like. Hell I should have made the whale sounds in the pool to complete the image.

I am currently drinking a lemonade with vodka, it is yummy, and I have that warm flow-y feeling one gets, when one is slightly buzzed! I want to giggle. That is what happens when I get buzzed. I giggle. Heh.

And now I am spacing out! So funny.

Woo hoo.


k said...

I'm working on that very same thing with beer...hee hee hee

robyn said...

I am drink!


It doesn't take much for me! I am buzzing big time, woohoo!

k said...


k said...

a toast:

Here's to you, here's to me.
If ever we should disagree, fluck you here's to me! lol

Just kiddin' Robyn *hugs*

k said...

I think it would be hella funny if you and I went out bar hoppin' one day! What do you think? Think as you're drink, I mean

robyn said...


You are so funny1 It would be awesome to get a drink with you my friend!

I Am Drink!!!


k said...

You Rock Robyn, or is that Rockin Robyn? Hey, when are we going to play some yahoo games?

robyn said...

I so hate that song, but that is probably because that is all I heard growing up!

Have you heard of isketch?

It is supposed to be fun!

k said...

No I haven't heard of Isketch. Maybe I'll venture in that direction and check it out, I'm ever so curious. Sorry about the Rockin' Robyn comment..:(

robyn said...

No problem about the rockin robyn comment! I took no offense!

I will take a peek over there and maybe see if there is somewhere we can play!


Muir said...

Off the subject of all the previous - you havn't posted any new pictures. Have you had issues with blogger? (Slow etc.)

robyn said...

Ah, the pictures.
Truthfully, I am a lazy bastard!

I will upload some pics now though, since you asked!

What can I say, I am a lazy sloth like individual at heart!