Sunday, July 16, 2006

Staying Up Until 4 A.M., Is Rough.....

Friday night, we unexpectedly got an invitation to go out with some friends we have not seen in ages. Did I mention the invite happened shortly before 10 p.m.? Yeah. What's more, is that we were invited to go to a club in Oxford, which is about an hour away from us.

So we went.

I mean it is not that often that we want or get to do things like that, but things just worked out.

When we got there it was crowded, but not overly so. They had a dance floor and of course bar area. We sat in a booth for a while, and then me and the girls went and danced. I have not danced in forever. It was great, in theory. I was wearing heels, something I rarely do, because let's face it, I am about as graceful as a donkey on a dirt path. I managed to dance without falling, or tripping, although I am not sure how good I looked. I felt as though I were flailing, and possibly the whitest person on earth with no rhythm. Seriously. Although I am told I looked fine. Who knows. I mean I also think I look like a hippo in a tutu most days, so my perception could be a bit off! Ha!

Anyway, my thighs hurt so much after dancing, I felt old. Very very old. But I had a great time.

We stayed until the bar closed. That was like 2:30. Then we talked to our friends outside the bar until quarter to 3. By the time we got home and got to bed it was just short of 4. We had to get up and go before ten in the morning, because we were taking the fam (Tokyo contingent and all) to see Pirates II at 10:45.

Needless to say, I was exhausted last night. Slept really well. And now I have to stop being a lazy bones and get dressed and go about my day! Got important things to do! People to see. Etc., etc., etc.!


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