Friday, August 04, 2006

Attic Fan Installation, Part 2

Well, when Rob got home from work yesterday, he went straight up to the attic, the roasting attic, to finish the work on the fan. Remember how I said that I at least got a 2x4 brace installed?

Yeah. I put it in the wrong spot. I am so not the handy man girl. Ack.

Rob removed the board, put it where it needed to go, and then installed the fan the rest of the way. Thank god! Not sure how much it has helped, because I finally gave up on the ac since it was 86 in the house, with it running. Opened the windows, and the temp actually dropped. Heh.

So last night even though it cooled off in here, I had a hard time sleeping, because it was so freaking loud outside. Not thunder, because if it did that I didn't hear, but crickets, and rain dropping in a puddle outside my windows. Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, etc......!

We are waiting for the ac dude to show up. I am hoping the freon just needs topped off and he can do it! I would certainly appreciate a smaller fee, as money is tight since I have no income coming in. Although next week I possibly have some transcription work from Rob, so that will be good.

I made mocha frappachinos for Spenser and I! I was looking for the vanilla bean frap recipe on line and could not find it, so we settled on with coffee. It turned out oh so yummy and cold! Here is the approximate recipe:

Simple syrup, with vanilla extract added
Hershey syrup

I brewed 5 cups of coffee. Here is the thing, I ground up coffee enough for 10, ground it to a fine powder, and only brewed with 5 cups water. When it was done, I poured it into a big Pyrex measure cup, it came up to 2.5 cups, so I added 2 cups cold, cold water to bring the temp down. (coffee cup measurements on my coffee pot are small, like 4 ounces, not your normal 8)

While the coffee brewed, I took one cup water, one cup sugar and placed it in a small sauce pan, turned on the heat to high, and whisked it together. When the sugar dissolved, I added about a teaspoon of home made vanilla extract, whisked again, took off heat and let cool.

Put the blender together.

Put 2/3 of a cup of coffee, 3 tablespoons vanilla syrup, about 2 cups milk, a couple squirts of Hershey syrup, and filled the rest of the blender with ice. Put lid on and blended until it was smooth--no big chunks. Added a bit more ice. Put in cup and drink! Not as sweet as what you get at Starbucks, but also didn't cost 4 dollars, and have the burnt coffee taste either! I suppose if you wanted the more fatty feel on your tongue like you get with Starbucks, you could use some liquid non dairy creamer, whatever flavor you like. Might try that next. We got two large glasses of it, plus there is more left.

The leftover coffee, I put in a container in the fridge for later, same with the vanilla syrup. This way when we want more, we will have all of the ingredients in the fridge cold and ready to go!

Enjoy, and let me know if you try it!

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