Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saying Goodbye, To A Very Much Loved One...

Oh how I will never forget how you were so cool under the heat of everyday life. No matter how much rain was in your life, you just rattled on, like there were no issues to be had.

I was constantly amazed that you had held up so well in your old age. Giving everyone day after day of comfort, even when it must have been hard for you to keep up.

Sure last year was a bit hard for you, after all you had a breakdown last summer. But who could blame you, sometimes you just need a chance to be recharged. After you got that chance, you were right as rain. Cool as a cucumber.

I'll admit, that when I first met you, I didn't have faith that you would be around very long. After all, you were kind of rough to look at, and you were very loud. I thought for sure, you would not last that first summer I met you. Oh how I was wrong!

You soldiered on, making sure our needs were met, for that, I can only thank you. Sure you were a little rusty, but as we all know, sometimes as you age, you get a little rusty. You start to creak and pop a little more. Hum a little louder. But you kept up!

Sadly this past week was just too much for you. You tried to not let the heat get you. You just were not strong enough. It was time for you to go, and so you went after trying to hang on. I can admit now, that I never imagined how much I would miss you. How much you meant to me. How great you made me feel.

I miss you, my very old, friend.

I miss you Air Conditioner.

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