Monday, August 14, 2006

The Child Can't Shut His Mouth....

I think that when he was a baby, and I would, oh so stupidly say, "I can't wait to hear him talk," he took that to heart, and the fates agreed with him. He does not know how to be quiet. Ever.

He had his friend Aidan come over today, mind you they have been friends since before Spenser was born, because Aidan was a baby when I was knocked up with the Bipolar wonder, so they are something akin to brothers. Anyway, they had played pretty well most of the morning, enough that I could in fact clean the hacienda! I took them out to get them icees, because it is so freaking humid and the cold goodness that is a Coke icee is heaven in this humidity. After that we came back home and they began to play the dreaded demon cube, I mean game cube. They again played wonderfully together. Mostly because Aidan is so easy going, they are ying and yang. They chocolate and peanut butter, they are peas and carrots, etc.

At some point however, they must have lost their brains. I say this not to be mean, or in some way snarky, but because they totally must have lost their god forsaken minds. Choking each other somehow sounded like a swell activity for the afternoon. So they did. I have no idea why it sounded like a swell idea. Needless to say, they both got hollered at, and Spenser got spanked, because I just will not tolerate that. And because he lied about it. Sigh.

And of course he could not shut his mouth the entire time. I swear the child has a mission in life to see how far he can push me by mouthing off. It is beyond annoying. And it does in fact push me to my limit. You would think that after , oh I don't know, 6 years of having the same thing happen when he mouths off, he would learn it is not a good idea. Nope. For what ever reason, he still does it. Good god almighty, I may just have a breakdown one of these times.

It reminds me of the time I had to watch my baby sister and her friend after school. For whatever reason they decided while in the back yard, to get two aluminum baseball bats, and play "let's see if we can knock each others heads off,". They almost succeeded. (And strangely enough, I think the baby sister had the same mouth shutting problem, as in it didn't and still doesn't happen frequently.)

I of course being the older sister, got in trouble because they thought this was a good way to pass the afternoon. No idea why this sort of thing appeals to children in the 7-9 year old range.

Maybe their brains do in fact fall out. Who knows.

I just find it odd. Very very odd.

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