Tuesday, August 15, 2006



I have some serious drainage going on with my sinuses. It sucks ass, let me tell you.

So I have done my two hits of Flonase (best nasal spray ever!), and am hoping that will dry things up enough that it stops running down the back of my throat.

Rob has had drainage for the past couple days, and is now losing his voice. Of course hacking all.night.long. doesn't help that. So last night was the second night in a row I slept on the couch. And by slept I mean, 15 minutes of non deep sleep, followed by 10 minutes of me trying to get comfortable, followed by another 10 of me trying to fall back to sleep. Repeat until 7 or so, and then give up , get up, and glare at the computer, the dog, the husband, the world.

So today I have baby Ryan coming over. I think this will be his last time here. I have watched him off and on since he was 5 months old. Sigh. Yet another little one leaving me. I love this kid! He is just the sweetest and smartest little boy, aside from Spenser that I have had the pleasure of interacting with. He is also what i thought Spenser might look like, brown hair, brown eyes, a wee little lad! He tells me that he loves me, and he is just so affectionate. I hope that I get to see him during the school year, although I doubt it, because he is going to pre-school.

Alright, I must go prepare for his arrival!

More later!

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