Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last Day Of The Tokyo Invasion....

I will miss the children. They are lovely. End even though their mother really doesn't like me, they love me, and I will miss hearing that from them. They also really love Spenser and have played with him so well over the past month. I am sad to see them go.

The sister in law on the other hand, well she has pissed me off enough that, I hope she has a nice flight. I always hold out hope that she will get over her eating disorder and not pass it on to her wonderful children. Or that she will get over her need to be in constant control of what her children do, even when she is not around. To the point of asking them what they ate, drank, played, watched, did, with who, where and why, and the interrogation goes on. I hope that she wakes up soon and realizes she is setting her perfectly normal children up for a lot of therapy that they otherwise would not need. And I hope she herself puts a little weight on. Not because I am trying to be a bitch, but because the girl could stand to gain a few pounds.

So today I will call and see if the children are available for last day hugs and kisses. And I will try (unsuccessfully) not to cry, because it is a very hard and sad thing to see them go. I will tell them just how much I love them, and that when they are ready, they may come back and stay with us, and go to school here for 6 months to a year. Sigh.

It is so going to suck saying goodbye. I dread it.

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