Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Work, work, work!

Yesterday was so crazy busy.

Went for a 7 miles bike ride with a friend, and then when I returned home, because it was actually sunny out, started working on cleaning up the stove. That took me until 7 to get to a stopping point I was happy with.

Good news the stove is looking fan-fucking-tastic! I think I am going to need to get some sort of paint, enamel, or something for the black part of the cook top. I am assuming at some point it has enamel on it, but seeing as how it is from 1942, and I don't think Grandma was too keen on actually de-greasing the thing very often, it is coming off as I scrub it. Everything else looks great though, and even the black part doesn't look bad, I would just like for it to have a uniform black color.

So today, I am cleaning the abode, which I swear little gnomes must have come out in the night and trashed the place. Yikes. I have already started laundry (oh joy), vacuumed the front room, the computer room, and am going to sweep and mop and wax the kitchen floor. Then I have dishes to do, clean my room, straighten up Spenser's room.

Then after all of that finish putting together folders for the IEP meeting tomorrow. I need to go get pictures of Spenser printed out so I can attach them to the folders so they don't forget there is a child who needs help, not just a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit.

After that I intend to walk my two in 30!

Maybe I will get lucky and actually hear from friends, something that doesn't normally happen.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get emails from certain someone's who have sort of vanished off the planet yet again.

Maybe I will actually have found out that the knee thing is about to be settled up!!!

Maybe, if I weigh myself, I will have found out that I have actually lost weight!

Then again, I have a better chance of pigs flying.

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