Friday, September 15, 2006

2 Years Ago Today

My first baby died. She was so very sweet, though a bit hairy, not unlike Rob.

She was smart.

She was happy.

She was our first baby. She was with us in our first home, and was with us when we got this home. She loved going outside to play, just as much as she loved to play in the house. She never left Rob's side, and when he went to work, you could tell how sad she was that he was gone. Never to fear though, she would perk right up, as soon as she heard Rob. Even though she was a bit jealous at first of Spenser, she soon grew to love him, and would have protected him no matter what. They were best friends. Spenser could not have asked for a better friend. Always there to play with him, always there with a kiss for him.

She was perfect.

We love you Shai. We miss you.

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