Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Rob!

It is Rob's birthday today. He is 38, yet doesn't look a day over 28 or so. I think he is virtually ageless looking! Of course I am very biased, but that is just because he is my honey!

I made for him for dinner, from scratch:
Fried chicken
Mashed potatoes (from potatoes, not flakes!!)
Green Beans
Biscuits (which unfortunately sucked ass, bad recipe that I am ditching).

It was a very good dinner, biscuits not included! I tried my best to fill up on green beans, and potatoes, and only a bit of fried chicken. I think I did ok.

For dessert I made a Malted Milk Cake. OMG, talk about decadent. So good, so rich, so very bad for my ass! Small piece.

So his birthday was a good one, although really no one else has celebrated it with us, which makes me sad. But tomorrow, we are supposed to get together with a few people, and celebrate Rob's birthday!

Anyway, I was very busy today, and tomorrow will be busy again, because I will obsessively clean the house, since people are coming over!


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