Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Transcription!

I am ever so happy to have some transcription work this weekend. I will have at least 6 hours worth, which is a good thing. I will be starting on that after we go out to lunch with Rob's parents for his birthday!

I made Rob a birthday cake for yesterday, we went out to dinner with friends and then we came back here so they could play xbox. It was an orange cake with orange flavored butter cream icing. I used triple sec to make the icing! It was very good. Refreshing next to the malt bars I made on Thursday. We ended up going to Claddaugh Irish Pub. I had the Irish cheese steak sandwich. It was good. I only ate half.

My knee started popping yesterday, every single time I walked, or bent my knee it would pop, it also ached, a lot. I ended up wrapping for most of the night, just to help relieve the pain, and then I took one of the super duper anti-inflammatory pills and a Skelaxin. It does not hurt today, thank god.

Re watched most of Texas last night. I love that DVD.
It is the
documentary on TOFOG.

I could and do watch it frequently. I think it is just a really cool insight to the band, and the members. Of course some of them say nothing, just sort of try to get away from the camera, while others mug for it continually, which makes it seem less genuine. Well ok they seem less genuine. Sort of like the little kids who see a video camera and then mug for it. I like that Dean narrates it. I think his speaking voice is quite, well, let's just say he would only have to read the phone book, or a menu to make me sort of swoon, of get flustered. Same with Crowe. His voice, pure aphrodisiac! And then you look at the "fans". These were not the group I saw in LA. The group I saw in LA was a lot different.

The DVD itself sort of frustrates me, because there are many easter eggs on it, that I cannot get to, no matter how hard I try, or if I have all of the cheats one can find online. Hell I even had Rob help me one day, but even then he could only get a few. Oh well I still dig it any way.

I highly suggest it. As I have said before Crowe is very entertaining. His singing voice, well he is not an opera singer, but you know what, I give him a hell of a lot of credit for having the balls to get on stage and sing in front of a ton of people. Sure he is flat sometimes, but I ask this, who doesn't have their voice go wonky a few times? And have you ever sung in front of a crowd? I have. It was nerve wracking. The 3 or 4 times I had to do, I was so nervous, I squeaked a few times. One of the times being at a funeral of a loved one. Oh the nerves for that one.

Anyway I am babbling on. Most go prod the two kids playing video games, to make sure they know we are going out to eat soon.

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