Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's All Because You Get Me Up Too Early....

I must really be a meanie. Well, if you asked Spenser he would confirm that thought, no doubt. He had a rough evening last night. His best friend and his best friends brother came over for a while while their parents went to a teacher conference. I thought Spenser would have a good time, and he did, up to a point.

About an hour and a half after they had been here, the whining began. Then the growling, and then all reason flew out the window. Rob had to physically remove Spenser to his room, so we could get him calmed down, and just quiet. Whilst holding Spenser, in an effort to get him calm, he head butted Rob in the mouth. Not good.

So me, hopped up on skelaxin and super duper anti-inflammatory, took over. I guided him back to his dungeon, I mean room, and made him sit on his bed. There I talked to him, which also included me raising my voice, although not yelling. He tried to tell me he didn't love me, I say tried because I told him if he said that and meant it, I could not pick him up from school anymore, or go have lunch with him Friday. He still said it, I ignored it. I know or at least hope he didn't mean it.

Then he tried to run out of the room in a super manic laughing fit, I caught him and made him sit with me so we could get things ironed out. He tried to get away, and since he is so big, almost as tall as me, and he weighs a good 93 pounds, I ended up putting him in a therapeutic hold. One where he could not in fact head butt me. He hates this particular hold, and I knew it would "snap" his attention back. I was correct. He listened and finally I could talk to him. I gave him a warning, and let him get back to where the kids were. He was fine, albeit very manic, after that.

I am very much hoping this is temporary, and that when his dose on the topamax increases tomorrow, he will get used it.

More later when I can actually think. Hehe, I am sort of foggy after taking skelaxin last night. Trying to see if I need it today.

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