Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Skelaxin And A Shot In The Butt!

So I couldn't take it anymore. I was near to tears. I finally caved in and called the doctor about my back. They got me in 30 minutes later, talk about fast service. I have never been so happy to go to the doctor, well except for maybe when I got the news that I was pregnant, or when I got the news that I was getting a hysterectomy, but I digress.

Anyway, I went, saw a new doc, who I liked very much. She was awesome. Checked my knee reflexes. Checked my ankle reflexes. I have never had a doc check ankle reflexes!!! Then she checked my spine, which again, doesn't get done to me since I was in the eighth grade and found out I have scoliosis. She noted that it is curved slightly in my lower back, coincidentally where I am having the issues. Then she checked all of the drugs I am on. Asked about my general health. All the things that a doc should do these days, but they rarely do because they have to overbook to make a profit. None of this took any longer. None of it.

Then I got a shot in my butt of toradol. I have no idea what it is except it was supposed to be a mega anti-inflammatory. The doc said it would not make me drowsy, the nurse who gave me the shot, told me to go home and go to bed. So I drove home and had lunch with Rob, and then went and got errands done so that tonight, I would be able to lay down and take the wonder drug that is skelaxin!

Skelaxin is what they put my Dad on last year when he had his back go out, and kidney stones all at the same time!! It worked well enough that instead of calling Out Back Steakhouse, Out Back Steakhouse, he called it Out House Back Steak. He had no clue why we were laughing at him, until we told him, and at that point he didn't believe us, until we repeated it, and it dawned on him that he in fact did say that! I about peed my pants laughing.

Anyway the shot has worked enough that I can walk around semi-upright, not quite so monkey like now. I seriously thought I should drag my knuckles that is how hunched over it felt!

Anyway, that is the update in my ever so important life!!!

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