Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Don't Do Things Half Assed Here, No Sir!

So Spenser had croup. That was pretty gnarly in and of itself. Then last night he hacked all.night.long. Poor thing, he was just miserable and nothing I did helped, so you know I felt like super mom, not.

So he stayed home today. I mean there was no way I was going to send him to school. He felt miserable, and he was crabby. That is a recipe for disaster.

So I cleaned. Not a lot, but got some things done I had been putting off. All the while he is hacking and coughing, to the point of gagging. Ick.

We go out to the Chinese grocery store for supplies for the dinner party. First clue to me that Spenser was most assuredly not feeling well, was that he remarked, that the store smelled good. Um, it doesn't really. It smells like a store that has weird produce and various weird dead ocean creatures, mixed with exotic and pungent spices. I knew then, he was not feeling better at all. Not that I thought his lack of sleep from last night meant he was making a recovery, but I digress.

So he keeps hacking. Starts sneezing, and just generally looks horrid. He is out of it. So I called the docs, get told to rush him back to the docs, as he might need a breathing treatment. I am internally freaking the fuck out.

Get there, the same doc he had the other day sees him. What's more he remembers him and me, which is cool! He examines the wee lad, and comes to the conclusion that he now has bronchitis.

SIGH, big , dramatic, academy award winning, sigh!

So he is now on a Z pack, and some sort of super cough medicine. And bored out of his freaking skull. He doesn't get why he is not allowed to play with anyone, and thinks we are punishing him. There is no reasoning with him right now.

I have a massive headache. I also want to binge eat, in response to the stress of the week.

Good lord almighty. Will this week never end?

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