Friday, October 06, 2006

Dr. Asshat

So I have been ill all.freaking.week.

Started getting the sensitive patches of skin, that suggest shingles. Been dizzy, feverish, head clogged, ears clogged, exhausted, and on and on.

Go to the docs yesterday, because I feel so bad. I hate going to the docs. I just don't relish going someplace where they will weigh me, and look at me like I am some sort of less then human, because I have gained weight. Which they pretty do every time anyway.

Of course I get the one doctor I hate, because he is a total asshole. This is a guy who let a friend of mine, have an infection go to the point that a body part shriveled up and died, because he didn't treat it properly. Yet Dr. Asshat still practices.

Because I have no blisters yet, he would not give me any pain pills at all. He gave me the valtrex for the shingles, even though I told him it seriously fucked my stomach up the last time I had shingles.

I will not take it. It has hydrochloric acid in it. No thank you.

He said I could call in once I get the blisters and they would call in a script then. Well by then I will have already decided that if I have gotten this far without pain meds, what's the point in getting them now?

Oh but I can use capsicum cream for the blisters to be. Chili pepper cream. Um, let me think, I tried it last year and it burnt my skin, no thanks.

I am not amused.

I am tired.
I am cranky.
I am sore.
I am congested.

But I am not amused.

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Kathy said...

Next time, decline the weigh-in.
You Don't HAVE TO be weighed.
I decline everytime. When they ask how much I weigh I say "too much",and the weigh-in isn't necessary. After that they leave it alone.