Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh Blah.

Warning, this is nothing but me whining, I know like that is any different from any other post, but it feels somehow different, so I will maintain that it is in fact different.

So I have the cold from hell. My nose alternates betweeen cement filled snotty goodness, to single nostril cement packed snotty goodness with a runny opposite nostril thrown in for good measure, to completely runny yet still stuffy.

It is great.

My voice is very husky, well when I actually care to speak without croaking.

I think I may be turning into a toad. Which is you know high on the list of things I wish to accomplish in this life time. Not.

My throat, oh my throat. It feels swollen, like I have been around a plate of steaming shrimp, and am now having the deadly throat closing allergic reaction.

The lymph nodes on either side, well I can feel them both It sucks.

Not to mention it burns up towards the top, going into my ears.

Ah, my ears. Yes they are clogged so I cannot hear anything. Normally I have shitty hearing at best (thank you mom and dad for buying a house directly on an active train track, huh, what, what was that you said?).

Now I have even shittier hearing. And they pop occasionally, so that I think I might be able to hear, but really, it is just my body fucking with me and laughing.

My right eye, cheek and teeth, hurt if I even move my head, let alone put any pressure on them.

The kicker? My left side, by where my bra strap goes, the skin there, is so sensitive, I want to jump out of my skin, and run away.

Which of course freaks me the hell out, because if I remember correctly, which I don't so this could be totally off, this is how my shingles started out in January. Oh yeah I am running a low grade fever.

I am exhausted too, which totally blows because I just want to sleep. So no fitness this week. Arghhhhhh.

So I think tomorrow I am going to the doctor.

This blows. Totally.

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