Friday, October 13, 2006

The Horror, The Horror...

Not just a line from one of the movies I like. (Apocalypse Now). It is an apt description of the school lunch I got to eat today.

Another description would be crap.

Yet another would be really, seriously, bad crap.

It was disgusting. So revolting.

I understand it is not the Maisonette that we were eating at (yet another reference in this post, this one is to the 5 star restaurant Cinci used to have, before all the idiots downtown thought it would be nice to kill, mug, and otherwise hurt anyone going downtown, therefore business slacked off and they have since closed and were supposed to re open somewhere else, but I have no clue if that happened. Holy friggin run on sentence batman!). But still, they are not feeding convicts, or barnyard animals. They are supposed to be feeding children. What's more they are supposed to be feeding them something relatively healthy.

What did they serve?

Chili dogs. Nasty, previously cooked, yet not warm chili dogs. Chili from a can, and not a name brand can at that, processed cheese product, or even by product, and nasty tastes like they left the bag open next to an exhaust pipe white bread buns. Mmm. Nothing says the school district cares about your child's health, like nasty old chili dogs. Oh but there is more.

What were the sides?

Let's see, baked beans that may have actually been a week old from the looks of them. Incidentally these were the best part of the lunch. Corn that was cooked until it turned into mush. Cabbage that had seen better days, and that had been cooked into oblivion. Applesauce. And nasty ice burg lettuce salad, that was obviously not fresh, because there were way too many brown parts to it.

Yeah. Gourmet food it is not.

Excuse me, I have to go hurl now.

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