Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Am Down....

After yesterday, I guess I am just really stressed out. Not that that is anything out of the ordinary, but still.

I am worried about so many things right now, it just sucks. Really truly sucks.

The sad part? I can't really do anything about it except get through it.

And clean my house. I have been putting it off. I have laundry to do, and the kitchen is a mess. I have laundry to sort and put away, and some I should iron. But I just want to veg out. Or sleep.

I am so fucking tired, it isn't even funny. I seriously could sleep for about a week, and then maybe I would have energy. Nah, probably not.

In other news, good news, the dog no longer has to be left in her cage. I decided after the dinner party, that I didn't want the cage back in the house. Takes up way too much room, and you know, she was spending too much time in it. She has been so good. I am sure there will be accidents at some point in time, but for right now, she is so happy to not be in the cage, at all. It is amazing. She is just so perky, and listens to me for the most part. It is like she is channeling Shai, who was the best dog ever.

Well I have to go soon to get the child. Keep your fingers crossed he has held it together for the day. Keep your fingers crossed I don't throw up from the stress of waiting to find out if he had a good day or not!

Oye, I tell ya.

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