Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So My Last Post Was Depressing...

For which I apologize.

I am still waiting to hear from my doctors, so I can have a name of a shrinky dink to call. I hate that I am in this hole, but you know, I will climb out eventually. Even if I have to take meds to help facilitate it.

So no one leaves comments anymore. Bummer.

Did I mention I am an attention whore, and therefore shallow? Which also means I am happy when I have people chatting with me. So your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to chat me up. Keep me talking and maybe I can stay afloat a bit until I can see the head shrinker.

Or not.

If only I had mind control. Then you all would do as I command, with no question. Mwahahahahahahaah. (evil laugh)

Oh think of the things I could command.


Kathy said...

what the hell? I leave comments!!
Am I no one?

Crowe-aholic said...

MUAH! YOU KNOW I LUBS YA!!! LOL!!! :) Now...tough love: GET YOUR BUTT BACK INTO THE EXERCISE ROUTINE, STAT! Oh and by the way, responding to messages that I've left you would be nice. :P

robyn said...


you are someone. don't get the knickers in a twist.


robyn said...

yes ma'am! Ayi, ayi captain. I will get thine ass back in gear. Or at least try. And I sent you an email, at that other place!