Sunday, October 01, 2006


OMG, I had so much fun, so much fun!

I think, aside from a few exceptions, the dinner party was a huge success! My team, however, did not win the scavenger hunt. Oh well it was still fun!

Did I mention it was a photo scavenger hunt?

Do you know how demented and twisted my husband is? He is the one who made up the questions, so there were a tone perverted one. Like, taking pictures of boobs, or people mounting other people, or well I could go one, but I won't. Let's just say I say the moon several times on the tv last night, while over looking the various photos!!!!

I drank some. Got a little tipsy, which makes me very giggly. But other people got trashed. To the point of drunken amnesia. I am pretty sure many will be afflicted with this today.

We didn't have too much food left over, which I always consider a good thing. The pot stickers, even though they stuck together when I refrigerated them over night, turned out well. Yes I made pot stickers/gyoza from scratch. I made probably about 100 pot stickers. I did buy the wrappers, but I made the filling and it was good. I will have to make those again!

I also made the Irish egg rolls. OMG, so good. They are like the ones you get at Claddaugh pub. They had corned beef, cabbage, potato and Monterey jack cheese in them. So fucking good!

Anyway it was a great night and we did not go to bed until 3:30. I Am tired, but you know I had fun, and that was what the dinner party was all about. People who didn't make, man, you really missed out. Maybe next hey?


Kathy said...

okay I expected more info...
more details...
I need more.


Hamburger Jones De Los Farty Pants, III said...

Awesome party!! Had a good time, except for when Tod became a professional wrestler. Well, okay, that was kinda fun too (in a Jesus-my-neck- hurts kind of way.) I can't wait until the next one!