Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Torture Chamber Welcomes You...

At least, that is what I think they should say when you visit the orthodontist!

I went today, obviously, and had the whole shabang tightened. Now I only have to wear the elastics on one side. Heh. It is weird.

Apparently my right side refuses to conform to the left side, which is also the liberal side. (hahaha) So the doc said lets try this and go from there. Here is the thing, I have paid nearly 6 grand for my teeth to be straightened, so I can keep the suckers. I am not going to have them taken off if my bite is not corrected. I don't care if I have to get my jaw broken and reset into proper alignment, I am not going to have a wonky bite that screws up the 2 plus years of torture geekiness.

It was fucking freezing here today. 33 when I got up to start the day. Brrrrr. So of course riding a bike in this cold weather was interesting. I thought that my leg muscles would snap. they didn't and it actually was kind of nice. Did 7 plus miles today, and I feel pretty good.

Of course that could be because the orthodontist technician told me I was small. Not only that, but that I looked pretty tiny to her, and not fat. Hee hee! I love her. I could have kissed her, of course then Rob would want details, but I digress!

Well I have to go transcribe some more stuff. Maybe I shall check back in later! Oh yeah, if you get a chance, go take a look at my MySpace page, I put up new pics! Not that they are great or anything, but they are new!

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