Thursday, November 02, 2006

Post 501, OMG, I Cannot Shut Up!

Yowza! I have made it past the 500 hundred mark in blog posts. Holy snapping assholes, that is a lot of blogging.

If I had a penny for every post, well, I would have five dollars.

So I want to thank the academy, er, I mean blog host company, for giving me the strength to pursue my ever moving mouth. For never telling me to can it, and always publishing in a semi-reasonable amount of time. And most importantly, for being free.

I do this not so people can learn, but so that I can focus on myself, because it is always about me. Because I am the most important person ever to roam free.

So essentially I want to thank all the little people, if not for your adoring eyes, and small minds, I would not be able to write this many blog posts. Oh wait, yes I would, never mind.

/End sarcasm. Really. I was joking.

I am stupidly, really proud that I have kept with this.

I usually stop doing things, because well, I am a lazy ass bastard.

However, I know that I have a wee small following of "readers" out there, who read me. I am sure I am a somewhat pathetic distraction to your otherwise fulfilled lives, but still you give me time, which is awesome indeed.

Anyway, thank you for reading me!

Here is to another 500!


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