Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Crazy Transcription Skillz

Or maybe just crazy from transcription!

I have done 9 hours so far today and am about to start on the last 4 or 5. I want to get it done so that tomorrow I can go Christmas shopping and get that done.

Hell I just started that on Saturday. Sigh.

It seems like it was just Halloween. The year is going quickly, which I guess is a good thing, all things considered.

Yesterday I took Spenser to the new shrinky dink. It seems like a better fit so far. We took him off the topamax, since he said it doesn't work for children, and he really didn't understand why Spenser was put on it in the first place. Then starting next week we wean down to one depakot a day, instead of two. Then the week after, we go to zero depkaote. We may have to up his Abilify, but he thinks that we may be able to get away with him being on just that.


That would be awesome. However I am terrified that he will become a monster while adjusting. This is such a difficult thing to try to figure out. I wish I had the answers. But I guess all we can do is try different things and see how they work. Hopefully by cutting the depakote, he will lose some of the weight he has gained, and some of the other not pleasant side effects.

Rob is not what one would describe as well. He is adjusting to new dosages on his meds, which either leave him wired and sort of fidgety, or tired and restless. It is awful to see him going through this. I wish I could help him as well. I feel utterly useless for these two.

I am once again dieting and trying to drop about 10. Then if that works, I will go from there. Positive, I got two pairs of jeans from target, size 10 and they are big in the waist. Not too bad I think! I want to be an 8. Nothing smaller, nothing bigger. Just 8. And I want a tummy tuck. because my lopsided tummy, is bumming me out man. Damn that scar tissue. Damn it all to hell. Oh sorry, got carried away there.

I am going to try to post tomorrow. If I do not however, I want to be sure to go ahead and put an early:

Merry Christmas out there to all my friends and fam, near and far!

I lubs you all!

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