Monday, December 18, 2006

I Walked The Line...

Not just the Johnny Cash song that has been bastardized by the Gap, for the ugly skinny jeans. More so a matter of attitude, and response to Spenser.

I had transcription to finish up this morning, and the "Holiday Break", or as I like to call it, "we at the school want you to realize how lucky you are when your children are here, so we are giving them a 3 week break, to make you realize that,"break started this morning.

He apparently cannot for the life of anything, entertain himself, or at least he pretends he can't. I got to hear how bored he was. I got to hear how hungry he was. I got to hear how unfair it is that all of his friends are either not home because they are doing things with their families, or they are at day care.

He doesn't seem to get that I cannot control how others live their lives. This upsets him.

So after getting the transcription done, I got dressed, as I was still in my jammies, and told him that we were going out. I had bills to pay.

He was oh so thrilled at that prospect.

So I did what any sane person would do, I bribed him with a vanilla bean frappaccino. It worked for all of 10 minutes, and then we were back to the pouting, and the whining, and the near meltdowns.

So I walked away from him.

In the busy store.

I knew he wouldn't let me get out of his eye line, because he is somewhat afraid of being taken (yes I have stressed to him over the years that there are whack jobs out there that would take him in a heart beat,).

So he did follow me. I didn't say word one to him, because it wasn't worth it. Until he started becoming obnoxious that is.

Then I threatened him with a spanking in the middle o the store, bare butt. Not that I would have done it, but still, he didn't like the idea that I would follow through on that, since lately I have made a huge effort to be strictly consistent. Which sucks btw.

He finally got out of the funk, and we are now home.

However he will now be known as Pouty McWhineypants, and I am mean. Heh.

3 weeks.

3 long ass weeks of this.

Lord help us, I may be insane by the time school start.

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