Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kidney Infections Really Hurt!!!

So, since Saturday night, I have been trying to ward off a freaking bladder infection. I thought that I had done that, until last night that is.

I knew then, I needed to get thy self to a doc and soon. Well I went today. They did the normal pee in a cup routine. I had no doubt that it would come back positive for infection. It did.

Bad enough that I have blood in the urine, and protein, and white blood cells. Because I just don't do things half assed. Not even bladder infections.

My lower flanks hurts. Bad. I feel like I was kidney punched, several times. Nausea, because it is ever so fun. Not nice. It still hurts to pee. So not only do I have the bladder infection, it was starting to travel to my kidneys. Joy of freakin joys.

So I am up right now, despite taking my Ambien at 10, and having two doses of Cipro antibiotic. I am not amused. I want to go to sleep, only I can't because I hurt. I wish the kidney pain would go away, because I could deal with other pain. This however is too much like the stupid ovary pain I had when I had all of the girlie equipment.

On another note, totally different, I have almost all of Spenser's gifts gotten! Woo hoo. I still have to get stuff for the faux nephews, my brother, sister, and a few other assorted loved ones!

Well I suppose I should try to go back to bed. I hope the Ambien kicks in soon. I want sleep.

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