Friday, January 26, 2007

The Creeping Crud, And Other Things!

Spenser is ill with whatever the latest bug is, that is going around. He spiked a fever last night, and majorly congested. So it's been ibuprofen, mucinex and sleep for him. He of course is not really sleeping, but he is at least laying down right now. He is very, very clingy and very sweet right now, which is the opposite of jhow I thought he would be, when ill.

I got him a gameboy game today, because he has had no issues at school for 3, count em, 3 weeks! It is like a freakin miracle! I know he will eventually have a bit of a crack up at school, but right now I am loving this good behavior stuff! I think we have him correctly medicated!

I still have not passed any stones. Grrrrrr. The past two nights, I have wanted to die, because it hurt so much. Not sure why it is hurting so much more the past few days. Guess that is how they are.

I have a rave. Lush. I got some shampoo and conditioner from, and omg, my hair is shiny and thick, and smells so goo, it is just fantastic! I got I Love Juicy shampoo, the sent is really fruity, which I am not crazy about, but it makes my hair feel clean and smooth! Then I got American Cream conditioner. OMG, the lush love is huge for this. It smells like my Armani perfume. God I love it! My hair is so thick and shiny now, amazing! Of course I am going to end up fucking up that goodness by coloring my hair this weekend, hopefully. Time for a bit of a change!

Well I must go check on my little sick-o!

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