Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hell Must Be Freezing Over

Because, and I say this with love, Spenser has been having a fantastic run at school the past almost 3 weeks. It has been absolutely fantastic!

We got his report card, and he has of course A's! And then of course the S's that you still get in second grade! So funny. I was never this smart as a kid, it must be something else to be that damn bright!

Over the weekend we got a china closet from Rob's parents. I believe it was his great-grandmother's, because it matches the table we got from them, and that was his great-grandmother's. We put a lot of our DVD's in this, and it looks fantastic in our living room. Sort of just pulls the whole room together!

I am as my post last evening indicated, still dealing with the kidney stones from hell. This is week 3. Ugh. Luckily, when I had endo, I got used to having pain in that general area. So while this hurts like a bitch, I can sort of work through it most days without having to take narcotics. Still though, the whole pain in the urethra thing is horrible. I seriously thought I might die this morning from that. I thought I was passing a stone. No dice as far as I can tell. I am also in the midst of a 24 hour pee pee collection. Oh the joy. Nothing like having a giant jug of urine in the fridge. Ick.

Well I must mosey on. Have to get Rob for lunch and do transcriptions, and pee in a jug!

Good times. Good times.

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