Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Nights Alright...

It is Saturday, thank god! I got to sleep in, well until 7, and then Spenser asked for a drink. And then I went back to bed, for an hour, when Spenser came in and cheerily told me it was 8. So much for really sleeping in!

So I got up, and watched some tv. Then came out to the computer, had a cup of tea, a danish, and looked for prospective employers for people I know and love. Then we all decided to play the Wii.

God I love that thing. It is so much fun!

So I have to shape up. Pants are getting too snug for my liking. Why is it that when I gain any weight, I gain it where I don't want it? I mean I would be happy if it was all in my boobs. Don't get me wrong, I do add size to the boobage when I gain, but it also goes other places. Oh well!

Still trying to get rid of the kidney stones from hell. The meds they gave me to break them down, upset my tummy so much, I am afraid to take them. So I don't know what to do. Having a tummy that is messed is not my idea of a good thing. I think I would much rather deal with the stones, because at least I can still semi-fuction!

Today I want anyone who reads this, to say Hi to me! It's a lonely world out there. Say Hi and be friendly!

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Muir said...

Hi Robyn...Didn't read until Sunday. Have a great week!