Monday, February 05, 2007

Big Fat Slacker...

Yep, that is me. One big fat slacker.

Well ok, that may be a bit harsh, but still. I have not written in like a week, a week that was shrouded in hell, let me tell you. We all, all three of us got the flu at the same*damn*time*. Wasn't pretty I tell you.

I spent all of last week on the couch moaning about how gawd awful I felt. Went to the docs on Monday, and got Tamiflu, which works, but has a side effect of making me shit faced dizzy. Add into that, the incessant hacking, and blowing of nose, and yet still not being able to breathe, and you have a pretty picture indeed. I am pretty sure I sounded like a congested warthog.

Compound this by adding in the magically stoned kidneys and you have one hell of a funky time. Well ok, maybe funky isn't the right word, but it is quite surreal having kidney stones for well over a month. Most days I just deal with it. Some days it is too much to deal with, and then I pull out the Ultram. And then occassional, nothing else works, so off to the darvocet i go, although I only take it when I know I don't have to drive anywhere. It has been a rough start to the year.

Why do men have to do seriously stupid things that always end up injuring them?

And by seriously stupid I mean pick up a water heater with water still in it, and haull it up a flight of stairs without calling anyone to help you?

And then because that was so much fun when you heard something pop internally, you decide to get the new water heater all by your lonesome from the store, and carry it down the stairs and then install it. By yourself. In pain. Expecting to drop a nut.

Then because you know, it is never manly to have to go the doctor and tell them you may have dropped your nut, you decide you like not being able to walk straight up and down, or get in and out of a chair which causes you to squeal like a little girl. Yet you insist, you are fine.

Yeah, no I don't think so. Needless to say, I think it was a boneheaded move on your part to do this in the first place, but you know you can accept help. You don't have to suck it up like it doesn't hurt, which it clearly does.

And no this isn't about Rob. Just another bone headed male that i care about. Der.

Hopefully I will have more to post later!

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