Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The White Death Is Coming....

Or at least that is what I picture people in the Cincinnati area running around screaming. When it snows here, people freak. Everyone runs to the store and buys milk. Milk and bread.

Then you have the people who get frazzled and have to buy things like toilet paper. Like there is going to be a shortage of toilet paper because it is going to snow. I find it highly amusing, to watch everyone in this city freak out about the possibility of snow.

I don't find it so much funny however, when the snow is actually on the ground and then people cannot figure out how to drive. You would think that people would know to just slow down and not make any sudden movements. No. People freak and tend to do everything you shouldn't do. Oh, slam on the breaks while turning on the icy snow, awesome idea. Speed in the slippery conditions? My god sheer genius.

You should see the list of schools closed. Spenser is out of school today, and it hasn't even started snowing. Of course it's cold enough outside to freeze the snot in your nose instantly. I think it is 3 degrees out.

Anyway, I get to spend the day entertaining the child, whilst not going out!

Fun, fun, fun!

Oh yeah I passed a tiny kidney stone yesterday morning! Yippee! Wonder how many are left?

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