Thursday, March 22, 2007


Or at least in a long time. Since I have been on the Ambien, I don't usually remember my dreams all that well. But the past two nights for whatever reason, pain I think, I have been able to remember my dreams. Last nights was short but sweet and I wish I could dream it again.

I was in the hospital I think, because I was laying down in a bed that was not my own, and there were people around me. All of a sudden there is Russell Crowe.

Standing at my bed side.


At me.

He then points to a scar I have on my shoulder from a botched mole removal, bends over and kisses it. He then asked how I was, using my name:

How are you Robyn?

And in the dream I ask, because I would ask this in real life:

You remember my name?

He says or shakes his head yes, and I am all nervous like. He then asks after my son:

And Spenser, how is Spenser?

I think I answered.

I am not sure. Then he just sort of fell into the background of the room, and I sat there/lay there in awe about the whole thing. It was as if he was a close friend.

Not romantic, but a caring and concerned friend.

Awesome dream. Awesome.

It beats the dream I had the other night of a person I care about having a blocked carotid artery, and having to have that cleared out before he had a heart attack. Worse yet, his family was there, and they took him to the hospital in a clear, plastic casket. In the dream I was mortified, but he, well he was smiling and waving. Ick. So very weird.

That was a bad dream. I much prefer the one last night!


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