Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break...

So this week is Spenser's spring break. Of course we really are not doing much, because Rob is uber busy at work, and really I have no gumption to do anything. I think cleaning his toy room--egads that was horrible--and then cleaning his room, again another monstrosity are on the docket.

I am really really getting the urge to change the furniture around in my bedroom. Rob said no. He is afraid I will hurt myself, and to be honest I probably would. I just get tired of the same look over and over again.

The weather has been fantastic, straight from winter to early summer. 80's. In March.

I had to take Spenser with me yesterday to see my shrink. Of course that is not conducive to an open dialog, which is what needs to happen. So when I go back in two weeks, I assuming we will be delving into my marital relationship and how that effects Rob and I.

My birthday is coming up and I honestly don't have a list of anything I want. Which is odd, but you know whatever. I also invited people to my birthday party, yet only really received 3 people replying back to me. Manners are apparently not something one has anymore. Sigh.

And I am antsy. I have certain dynamics going on right now that I can't get into on this blog, or I could, but I choose not to, and they are making confused and yet thankful, extremely thankful for what I have. That's about as clear as mud, huh?

Was off the Valium all day yesterday, first day in two weeks I have been off of it, and the first day in a month or so that I could drive. So that is what we did. Drove here, there and yonder! Today, I am back to the Valium, because I am really really sore. The pain is flaring again.

Oh well.

Oh yeah, Spenser got a faux hawk haircut, my god is this kid adorable. Looks so different. And shoes. Had to go get him shoes. He would fit perfect into a size 6.5, mens, but those are hard to find. So we had to get 7's. In men's. His feet are officially bigger then mine. Lord help me.

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