Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Getting A Black Eye From The Dog Is...

Never a good thing.

Especially when your wife, though very concerned, and sorry that it happened, laughs hysterically. Especially when you are bleeding like a freakin stigmata from you eyelid, and just below your bottom lid, half way down your face.

Last week this happened to Rob. It took only a few seconds for the dog to use his eye as a launching board, and thus rip open the surrounding skin. Our dog is not so mindful of where she is putting her feet.

Rob had a nice shiner, and the skin is still puffy, and bruised. I told him he looked like Snake Plisskin.

I hear all of you going, who? It is a
character from a bad movie with a scar down his face. But since most people don't get that, I just call him scar face, since everyone knows of that movie.


So that is what happens when your Doberman, decides it's play time, and has no idea where her legs and feet are.


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