Friday, April 20, 2007

Where To Begin...

So a couple weeks ago, my next door neighbor had her husband flip out on her, and point a loaded and cocked gun at her head, whilst threatening her. Obviously the cops got involved, he was carted off to the poky, and a couple charges were filed against him.

Me being the sympathetic person that I am, went over and watched the kids the night all of this went down, because obviously, someone had to be there with the four children, and since he was locked up, and she was making a police report, no one was there. I should mention their families are not from around here, so they couldn't exactly help out either.

When she got home from the hubba bubba she told me what was going on, and then asked for my help in finding the gun he pulled on her, because he told the police he had only pulled a pellet gun on her. Wrong. So we spent about an hour looking and then we found it. First she found the bullets, and then the gun that was inside of a sock in a box for "safe"keeping I assume.

Did I mention I have never ever in my life seen a real gun. We both knew enough not to take the gun out of the sock. We had to wait for the police to come get the gun. That was another 25 or 30 minutes.

So howdy doody deputy shows up, looks at the ammo, and then the sock with the special treat inside that is not a foot. He takes the gun out of the sock, and tells us he has to make sure it is unloaded before he transports it. We are in the kitchen. All the kids are asleep, thank god. So he looks at it and it is loaded, with a bullet in the chamber. he gets that out, gets the clip out and then un-cocks it, which of course makes a loud noise. We both jumped.

Fast forward to yesterday. Smarty pants is still in jail, and it is his court date. So I went to court with the wife, for moral support, and because she is a friend, and I want to make sure she is ok. No one liked that I was going with her, because they were afraid. I was not. I still am not. What is going to happen, will happen, no matter what I do. Anyway he gets his sentence, 2 years probation, 2 year protective order, so he has to stay away from her. She obviously is going to file for divorce.

They have been together 11 years, and he snapped. Granted he had done some things that were not right earlier, but nothing of this magnitude. It just shocks me that someone can lose it like that.

Not sure what the point of this was, except that this is what has been going on the past two weeks in my neighborhood. More later!

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