Thursday, May 10, 2007

People Can Be Such Asses!

As if my best girlfriend doesn't have enough on her plate, someone lodged a complaint in this Podunk town about her yard.

The issue? It was unkempt.

No, really it wasn't. The grass was mowed and frankly her yard looks better then mine. Nice. I'm not sure what satisfaction one gets from calling the graa police on another home owner, but jesus. WTF is the point? She has 4 children. They leave some toys in the yard. But they get picked up at night.

I am pretty sure it is her douche bag of a neighbor who swears her fixed male cat, who got out a couple times, sprayed his porch with piss. He came over, didn't say hi, just launched into keep your cat inside, I'm allergic to cats and I smell cat pee, and blah, blah, blah.

Douche bag. The cat when it gets out is out of the house for all of 3 minutes. Not even that long usually.

Again, wtf is the point of calling the garden po po?

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