Saturday, May 12, 2007

SilverChair Rocks!

Ok, so it turns out that I have been introduced to them before a couple nights ago, only I thought it was someone else. *blush* Whoops.

I have the newest CD, Young and Modern, and I just love it. Straight Line has to be my favorite song. I could just listen to it over and over. Like the video too. The lead singer is very striking. Not my usual type. At.all. But he has the most gorgeous eyes ever. Gorgeous eyes.

So today I did not much of anything. It was a lazy day. We went to breakfast with T. Not much to be said there. It was breakfast after all.

Then we came home, and Rob took Spenser and the kids next door to go look at fish at the pet store. The little boy wants a fish so bad he can hardly stand it. So Rob told Mo, if he was good for his mother he would take him to look at the fish today. He was good enough! So sweet that husband of mine!

I went next door and sat with A and the wee little lass. She is just the cutest baby ever. Looks like a baby doll. I mean she is seriously the most perfect looking infant ever. I could moon over her all day.

Spenser is with my parents tonight, which is good. I wanted a break from him, and they wanted him! He will have lots of fun!

Oh yeah yesterday not far from here two planes collided and crashed.

Horrible images let me tell you.

Of course everyone on the planes died, 3 people. The pilots were heroes in my opinion, because they avoided houses, power lines, mail boxes and people on the ground. I hope their last minutes were not terrifying, but I have an idea they were. I hope they felt no pain and it was quick.

Keep their families in your thoughts.

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