Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes Things Don't Work Out Quite The Way You Plan Them....

One of my favorite lines from a TOFOG song. Certainly appropriate for many things in my life. I don't take it as a negative thing. I mean sure it can be negative, and right now for me personally yes it is sort of a negative thing. But surely it can have a positive meaning as well.

I appear to be babbling. Well I am.

Can you lose something that wasn't technically yours to begin with?

In other not so sappy news, I am getting a new camera. I cannot wait. I am going to swing into photography full force again. Try to make some sort of a business venture out of it. I am good at it. I like doing it. I would like to make some money off of it.

The Japanese invasion has begun! Rob's sister and the kids got in yesterday. God almighty are those kids gorgeous. Blows my freakin mind!

More later!

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