Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WalMart Whack...

Dear Wal*Mart Whack,

I know I don't know you, or the little girl who was most likely your grand daughter.

I know I don't know your whole life story.

And I don't know why you had a motorized cart, other than you are older and very much overweight.

I also don't know why your grand daughter was sitting on the floor board of the motorized cart. Especially given that she was all of 15 months old, tops.

So when you start to scream at her to:
"just sit the hell down, get your leg up here, keep your leg up here," and my all time favorite:
"you keep your damned legs up here if you want to ride on this. I don't know why you want up here if you ain't gonna keep your legs up here.", it raises my hackles.

It makes me want to go over to where you are, and take that little baby from you, because you are obviously unfit to have that dear little girl with you.

It makes me want to throw a wobbly in the middle of Wal*Mart, just so others would look at you, like the festering anal wart you are. And to scream back at you to shut your festering gob.

Let me just point out that a 15 month old child, possibly younger, does not understand the concept of:
"I don't know why you want up here, etc...".

Hell they barely get the concept of walking. Also let me point out that telling a baby to shut up, and get your damn legs up here, is not what one would call nurturing.

I don't know where this child's mother was, but I hope to hell she kicked your hygienically challenged, abusive ass. Alas I am sure if she was your's, she very well may be just like you. Aren't you proud?

You were/are the very epitome of why shopping at Wal*Mart should be avoided at all costs.

Low IQ( the box of Ho Ho's you had in your cart had more sense than you).

Rude (yelling in public at the top of your lungs at a toddler is always considered proper behavior--for spider monkey's in heat).

Hygienically challenged (they do sell soap and shampoo there, not just Ho Ho's and beef jerky).

Abusive ( you spineless twat, picking on someone smaller than you who can't defend themselves from your massiveness and stupidity).

And finally and obviously a total douche bag (a used one at that).

I hope at the very least you are as painfully constipated as you are stupid. Because you were certainly a pain in the ass to that little girl, and those who got to experience the wonder that was you!

The Lady With Her Jaw On The Floor.

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