Monday, October 22, 2007

12 Hour Work Day, Yippee...

That is what yesterday was. I worked on transcription for 12, long hours. Of course the longest part was the last five minutes which felt like a damned eternity in hell.

Sort of funny, my fingertips are sore. Heh. Wonder if that would be a workman's comp claim? Just kidding. They are sore though.

So on Wednesday or Thursday, I plan to document the long drawn out story of how I got completely screwed by a National Retailer, who decided that instead of being Ethical, like they espouse they are on their corporate site, they would screw the little guy.

Of course there are certain things I can't discuss, but I will certainly be able to weave a story, a true story mind you, that shows how deceptive big businesses really can be. Oh yeah, and how they buy their very own laws and statutes, at least in the state of Ohio.

It will be a tale of cadaver ligaments, pain and suffering, and how one family has dealt with three years of trouble, with a life time more to come.

I can hardly wait. You all will be amazed at how everything ended up. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to throw up. I know I did.

Ok, well the house work is calling me. It's saying, bitch better get it done soon.

Off to the house bitchery work.

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