Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Almost Wednesday Already???

This week has been flying by. I guess it's because I have been working since Sunday, pretty much. I mean sure, yesterday I went to Wally world, since I am currently boycotting that certain national retail chain that basically fucked me over, to get a new shower thingie, and tupperware. I know exciting stuff.

I plan on penning the whole sordid tale about the national retail chain that fucked me over, but I have to wait until I get something very important, most likely next week. But I will be telling what happened, what didn't happen, what I think should have happened, and what I am now doing about it. Obviously boycotting is the big thing.

I have been feeling a bit better over the past couple days, mentally at least. I feel like the dark cloud that was following me, suffocating me and generally making me a pill to those around me, has all but gone away. Sure, I still have my moments, but as of this moment, I feel pretty good. I wish my body would catch up to my mental state, but I guess one thing at a time, eh?

And to drop the poundage, although, I have all but given up on that. I am trying to embrace my curve-age instead of railing against it. Of course that means I need to buy new pants that fit my tubby ass, but, damn it it's my tubby ass and I lurve it ( I am trying). Bonus, the boobs are bigger I think. At least they feel it. Well to me. Seeing as they hang off me, I think I should know!

Small entry I know, but better then nothing!

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